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Picture the scene, it is 11/11/11 — a singular date in history. It’s about 11 p.m. and Yours Truly has been charged with taking a memorable photo at 11:11 p.m. to capture the historical moment. But before we get to said photo op, let’s set the stage for the evening’s earlier celebratory festivities.

Knowing 11/11/11 only rolls around once a century, Yours Truly was adamant such an occasion required a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Thanks to the culinary masters of Restaurant Guy Savoy, and a recently unveiled White Truffle menu for fall, the task was easily accomplished.

Our culinary fete of the century began with an Amuse Bouche selection that offered a breakfast quality: Foie Gras smeared on toast and served on a stick; an itty-bitty Parmesan Waffle; and a Petite French Burger the size of a silver dollar with horseradish and catsup sauce. A delightful way to begin the feast.

From there, the truffle fest commenced with the first course: Scallop Carpaccio, Cauliflower Puree and Shavings of White Truffles. The scallop tartar was served chilled and made a nice juxtaposition to the warm carpaccio — but it was the dish’s presentation amidst rising geysers of vapor wafting up with an oceanic aroma that really elicited a volley of oohs and aahs.

Next was Sage and Tarragon Encrusted John Dory topped with Creamy Corn Polenta Puree and a side of Snow Peas. The sweetness of the polenta played well off the fish’s distinct spices.

For our third course it was back to the truffles with the chef’s signature Pumpkin Soup, Poached Egg and Alba White Truffles from the restaurant’s La Truffle Blanche D’Alba menu. Dramatically ladled out of a 20-lb. ceramic pumpkin, known as the Cinderella Pumpkin, the soup’s pumpkin flavor was subtle and was well complemented by the umami of the truffle.

Chef Guy Savoy himself arrived — suited up in white gloves — to shave truffle over our soup. Ever a charmer, he offered to do it one of two ways: Italian or French style. French style is off to the side while Italian style involves him encircling you with both his arms and shaving the truffle. Ooh-La-La!

From the La Chasse menu, our fourth course was Foie Gras, Wild Squab, Pheasant, Mallard Duck and Cabbage “en Marmite.” Presented in a cast iron pot with dough sealing the lid to keep the flavors from escaping, Scottish game birds are cooked together with braised cabbage. Thinly sliced and accompanied by sautéed wild mushrooms and a light jus made from the roasted bones of the game birds, the earthiness of the poultry was brought out by the rich decadence of the Foie Gras.

Our dessert courses included Exotic Flower of kiwi, papaya crowned with a red sugar sculpture and accompanied by a scoop of gelato followed by Jasmine and Chocolate, a chocolate ganache mousse spritzed with jasmine tea, also from the La Truffle Blanche D’Alba menu.

With the meal of a lifetime concluded it was nearly 11 p.m. and we were on to our mission of capturing photographic evidence of a significant 11/11/11 memory. We headed downstairs to the tables at Caesars Palace in search of a seat at a roulette table. We found a table with a $20 minimum, handed over our money, and waited for the clock to tick down to the bewitching hour. At 11:10 p.m., we laid down our $5 chips on what else but number eleven. The wheel was spun, we held our breaths, watched the clock flip to 11:11 p.m. and waited for our luck to strike. And, oh scrumptious ones, indeed it did.

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