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4 years, 4 months ago Comments Off on ALLEGRO MEANS HAPPINESS AT WYNN LAS VEGAS

Allegro’s Veal Chop Parmigiano

Allegro Chef Enzo Febbraro begins our meal by imploring us “to take a journey through American Italian and Italian food with me.” And he, along with the staff of the latest restaurant in the Wynn Las Vegas dining collection, makes good on the promise of both old-world and new world cuisine.

The Italian born chef regaled us with Italian favorites of calamari, shrimp, parmesan cheese and prosciutto, sausage and pork with onions and peppers, clams casino with pancetta and fresh herbs, and simplistic wood-fired pizzas — Margherita, Bianca and Focaccia – all packing a flavor punch of the freshest ingredients. The showstopper was Chef’s smoked burrata, a milky wonder of homemade goodness. And that was just our starters.

Next, our pasta course arrived. The Risotto Pescatora was loaded with shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels, and clams all wading in a slurp-worthy tomato broth. Chef layers his Baked Lasagna Napoletana with all the usual suspects such as Sunday meat ragu sauce, meatballs, and smoked mozzarella cheese, but he also includes the untraditional ingredients of baby back beef ribs, pine nuts, and raisins for a pasta dish rich in texture and taste. To follow the party lasagna we lapped up a creamy Pasta Carbonara accented with the salty zip of pancetta.

For entrees, we indulged in a Veal Chop Parmigiano so big it could have had its own cameo in a Renaissance Faire, it was 14 oz. and was bedded in a tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. The Osso Buco d’Agnello was richly made with a bone-in lamb shank, vegetable stew and pappardelle pasta for a decadent and hearty dish.

At this point in our feast, we had pushed ourselves back from the table with nary a smidgen of space left for another bite until we spotted Chef Enzo presiding over a cart of Turbot. To follow was a group moan and I am not sure if it was because we were stuffed or because the salt-crusted fish, peppered with capers, lemon, tomato and olives, was so light and well prepared that we couldn’t put our forks down — a fitting ending to a big, family style Italian dinner.

Allegro at Wynn Las Vegas, 702.770.DINE,
Hours: Open for dinner nightly from 5:30 p.m., late-night menu available until 6 a.m.

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