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An S.O.S. for Stiletto Lovers

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TS gold-rhinestone-ribbon-stilletos-225x196Evidentially there is one place on your body you can be assured you will lose weight without the aid of even one day of exercise or dieting. Yes, it’s true, as you age your feet will suffer Fat Pad Atrophy and will become smaller and smaller as the pads of your feet shrink.

“Between the ages of 35 and 40 you start to lose fat in your feet. This is when you may start to have pain on the ball of your foot especially after menopause,” explains Dr. Kuruvilla of Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

So for stiletto lovers and those who can’t live without their sky-high heels this can be a particularly painful development. Lucky for shoe divas Dr. Kuruvilla is akin to a cosmetic surgeon for feet. He recommends a shot of the fat-filler Juvéderm or Restylane to puff up the pads of your tootsies for optimal comfort. “Juvaderm goes right where the heels of the bones are. It feels like you have Tempur-Pedic on your feet, it’s like walking on pillows,” he offers.

The 15-minute procedure lasts approximately eight months and is perfect for people who don’t want to wear orthotics, according to Dr. Kuruvilla, and is especially popular with Cirque performers and people who work on their feet all day. “It’s gonna become popular because this is a dancing and walking town,” Dr. Kuruvilla assures me.

In addition to plumping up your feet, Dr. Kuruvilla can also eliminate aromatic challenges your feet may have. He is one of a few area physicians who offers a procedure for patients suffering from Hyperhidrosis – profuse sweating even when the body is at rest – of the feet. By injecting Botox into the feet, he is able to paralyze the sweat glands to provide temporary relief (anywhere from 8 to12 months) from the problem.

“Hard core dancers or people really conscious of odor love this procedure. It’s a great alternative to surgery and can reduce embarrassment in social/professional situations for everyone from sandal and open-toe shoe wearers to performers and athletes,” he explains.

So before you box up your stilettos and banish your sandals, remember there’s still hope for putting your best foot forward.

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