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Yours Truly with Platinum Entourage CEO Todd White

I was literally and figuratively blown away after visiting Las Vegas’ newest beauty outpost, Platinum Entourage The Salon. Not only did the beauty pros at Platinum Entourage make me over into a drop-dead gorgeous creature entirely unrecognizable, but the pampering that comes from an entire entourage working their magic is a star treatment not to be missed.

The blow dry bar concept has taken off everywhere from London to LA, and now Las Vegans can join in on the newest hair addiction with a bouncy salon blowout anytime. Platinum Entourage founder Todd White assembled a team of experts with backgrounds in film and TV to open Las Vegas’ first Blow-Dry Bar in southwest Las Vegas at 6670 South Tenaya Way.  A unique concept, it allows us to defeat — with the press of a blow dryer’s on button — those bad hair days with a trip to the salon for a blowout, and after a mere 35 minutes leave looking like a million bucks.

“I started asking around and no one in Vegas had ever heard of the idea, although every response would include, ‘But when can I book?’ I was shocked, and quickly realized I needed to get moving,” said White, Platinum Entourage CEO. “I decided to dive in and be the first to bring the blow dry bar concept to Vegas. I called my artists and told them to fire up their blow dryers because we were in for a wild ride! They jumped right in with me, after putting swim caps on first…after all, they had to preserve their fabulous blow-outs!”

You can pick from eight different blowout styles: Sex on the Beach which is a little messy and perfectly tousled; Chignon is pulled away from the face and is finished with a loose and tousled knot; Rockstar is flipped, teased and twisted for a messy shag; and Vintage Veronica is sculpted S waves with a deep side part for a peek-a-boo look. I went for the Platinum Signature, which is the “Angel hair” featured in Victoria’s Secret runway shows, and was overwhelmed. I honestly didn’t know my golden tresses could look so bouncy and perfectly polished.

Getting beautified!

The Platinum beauty crew is a little OCD about the blowouts they perform. Each stylist is trained to do them the exact same way, using the exact same technique so you never get a blow job that differs from the one before. In addition, not only did I select the blowout of my choice but also the essence for my shampoo treatment. I chose Laguna Beach, and made everyone who even came near me take a whiff because it smelled so enchanting as did I.

As if that’s not enough, White has kicked it up a notch by adding the city’s first Makeup Bar also. After your blowout you can go all in for smoky eyes and glossy lips applied by the professional artists at Platinum Entourage. “I originally played with the blow dry bar and makeup bar concept roughly a year ago,” enthused White. “I researched the idea online and in trade publications and I watched the trend begin to grow in Europe initially, then to New York and LA in less than six months. The blow dry trend is growing in Boston and Seattle as we speak.”

There’s no appointment necessary and $35 gets you a perfect blow-out/style of your choice or flawless makeup by one of Platinum’s artists.

We have no excuses ladies. The era of bad hair days has officially come to an end, your personal entourage awaits. or call them at 702-410-5459

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  1. karen lefevre says:

    I have been reading about this place for the last few weeks.. I just have a question.. is it just a place where younger women would go to? Several of my friends, all of us 62+ have been wanting to try it but don’t want to feel out of place in there…so what do you think?

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