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Everything’s Coming Up Roses in Dos Caminos’ Latest Cookbook

5 years, 2 months ago Comments Off on Everything’s Coming Up Roses in Dos Caminos’ Latest Cookbook

Dos CaminosLet’s start this blog with four words: rose petal ice cream. Sweet, an exquisite amount of rosiness, and as creamy as butter, Dos Caminos’ rose petal ice cream is a dairy queen’s delight. The light and palate cleansing ice cream was served with a rose petal cookie but it did not nearly match up to its pairing partner. The cookie’s rose flavor was hardly detectable but who cares, we were too entranced by the ice cream.
Our favorite part about this diary treat beyond it is sublime rosiness? The culinary secret can be yours. Included in Ivy Stark’s just published “Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food” cookbook, she lays out the directions for making your own rose petal ice cream which, btw, includes two cups of loosely packed rose petals.
And we can entirely understand that one recipe does not a cookbook make, however, this holy grail of cooking also includes Dos Caminos’ world-famous, much ballyhooed, fresh made guacamole recipe. Oh, indeed my scrumptious readers you too can now make the restaurant’s signature guac in your own kitchen and serve it to our guests or do as Truly does and huddle in a corner noshing on the heavenly guac alone and in a euphoric haze of Hass avocado goodness.
To overcome the guilt of snacking on chips and guac, never fear Stark shares her Ensalada de la Calle (page 81). It’s a version of a Mexican street salad – perpendicular stocks of cucumber, jicama, mango and red papaya, pineapple chunks, orange segments dressed in a Honey-Citrus-Jalapeño Vinaigrette. Dining on this vegetable and fruit fest will definitely bring your world back into alignment.
More fruit arrives in Stark’s Chipotles Chiles Rellenos de Platano in the form of plantains. Although the chiles have a good amount of heat, the plantains tame it. And even if you avoid eating the chiles entirely, you can still taste their smokiness in the stuffing.
Our entrée of Red Wine-Ancho Braised Beef Cheeks (page 193) was perfectly tender and simmering in the flavorful jus of the red wine, ancho, and spices. It was a really hearty fall meal especially because Stark’s Mexican Street Corn and Drunken Beans accompanied the dish. The corn had a nice zip from a pinch of chile powder but the mayonnaise, butter and Cotija cheese that topped the corn is really what makes this side Truly addicting.
If there is no other cookbook you ask Santa to bring you this year, make it “Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food.” Truly thinks you will start seeing the world through rose colored glasses.

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