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4 years, 6 months ago Comments Off on GET YOUR FIX: MARYLAND SOFT-SHELL CRABS ARE IN SEASON

For all of the city’s East Coast transplants specifically Marylanders, ‘tis the season for Soft-Shell Crabs and King’s Fish House located in The District at Green Valley Ranch has got your fix. The tasty blue crustaceans are here but more on them in a second.

To get our mouths set for the crab feast to come, we got started with a Jumbo Lump Crab and Bay Shrimp Cocktail. I am pleased to report that the lump crab was as big as the Bay shrimp and so made for a generous and fresh and tasty portion of crab.

Soft-Shell Crab lovers can choose from three preparations at King’s — Southern Fried, Picatta or Tempura style — through September 30. The Southern Fried style Soft-Shell Crab has the heaviest batter. The Picatta preparation is a lighter version as the crabs are dredged in flour and sautéed in clarified butter and accompanied by lemon, butter and capers. Finally, the Tempura version offers the lightest batter of the three and is served with Ponzu, soy vinaigrette.

A former Baltimorean, I was all about getting my mouth around a few freshly molted blue crabs from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and I was not disappointed. King’s Fish House does a great job, the tempura was flaky and a healthfully light consistency to really allow the taste of the crabs to seep through. The Picatta was well done too, but more decadently delicious because in addition to the butter sauté they ladle one ounce of lemon butter sauce over the crab.

If you are a seafood lover, September is not only a good month for Soft-Shell Crabs, it’s also the tail end (pun intended) of Salmon season. King’s is serving a variety of Snow Pass Coho Salmon dishes in honor of Wild Pacific Salmon season which also lasts through September. Entrees include Wild Coho Salmon Tataki Roll, Salmon Cakes, Salmon Summer Salad, Hazelnut Crusted Wild Coho Salmon and Cedar Plank Salmon.

Interestingly enough, King’s Fish House makes their own homemade ice cream and one of their delightful desserts was an Ice Cream Sandwich of caramel ice cream served between a hoagie roll with caramel sauce and sprinkled with red Australian sea salt for those who like to indulge in a sweet salty conclusion to their meal.

To get your crab on, call 702.835.8900.

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