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HD = Happy Day for Make Up Mavens

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In case you have been living under a giant boulder, the world has gone high-def. As of today, planet television has officially embraced high-definition and eschewed analog signals in favor of the digital age.

And wouldn’t you know the cosmetics industry, never one to miss starting a trend, has joined the HD revolution. Cosmetics brands like Cargo Blu-Ray, Make Up For Ever, and Smashbox have made it their business (no pun intended) to jump on the bandwagon and appeal to our desire to be flawless.

Because high definition imagery shows pictures that are six times as sharp as previous, softer grained images, fine lines and wrinkles, skin imperfections, shine, make up mistakes and incorrectly matched foundation can all be painfully obvious under the high definition lens.

To rectify the situation, HD makeup is now in the offing. Whether you are an actress, news anchor, performer, or just love looking Truly Scrumptious, the options are now plentiful. From foundation and primer to mascara and powder, major cosmetics brands have responded to the demands of modern technology and have made products available to the everyday consumer.

Make Up Forever has an unbelievable 26 different shades of HD Invisible Cover Foundation so there’s sure to be something for every skin tone. In addition, Make Up For Ever has six color correcting Microperfecting Primers, and a Microfinish Powder that feels like silk.

Cargo has come to the table with HD Lip Gloss made from a technology-driven formula that has a plumping and line-filling effect for instantly fuller and smoother lips. They also have Blu-Ray Mascara created especially for use with high-definition film.

Smashbox offers their Master’s Class Vol. 3 Complexion Perfection, which is a seven-piece kit of HD goodies. There is even an instructional DVD for exclusive tips and tricks.

All this fabulosity is available at Sephora in Town Square. Not sure if you are ready to be completely flawless? Visit Sephora’s website for an offer for free translucent HD powder from Make Up For Ever,

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  1. LV Wedding Concierge says:

    Had taped interview for HD Luxury TV channel Voyage TV on Monday. My makeup artist used Make Up For Ever HD Foundation & it worked great. I’m a believer:)

    I’m planning to link this article in a future blog post. Great INFO!! Thank you!
    LOVE this blog.
    Tracey Kumer-Moore

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