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Krug Room Unlocks Champagne Treasures

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“A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands.” –Lord ByronTS krug-room

Amen to that we say! And there’s no better place to live by Lord Byron’s directive than the Krug Room at Caesars Palace’s Restaurant Guy Savoy. The first Krug Room opened in the United States earlier this month to great anticipation.

“We are celebrating life and happy food and happy drinks,” toasted Franck Savoy at the Krug Room grand opening, which was themed “Unlock Your Treasures.” And there were certainly many treasures unlocked as the evening commenced. Savoy went on to quip that, “we should have called this room crème de la Krug.”

To start the celebration, we enjoyed Krug Grande Cuvée, MV, which Managing Director Olivier Krug explained was the only Krug without a vintage. “This Cuvée encapsulates everything Krug is about – the explosion of flavor, complexity of flavor as well as harmony and balance. My great-grandfather said, ‘I am too impassioned to have a vintage.’ At Krug we have decided to push it and mix several different vintages. ” Olivier then raised his flute to 165 years of Krug and said, “It’s no accident we are here tonight. We share the same values and quality as the Savoys.”

The Krug private dining room at Restaurant Guy Savoy, which seats anywhere from six to 34 guests, is minimally attired with contemporary art and elegant Krug-brand accessories including the only Krug “picnic” trunk currently in the United States. The grand trunk, priced at $50K, is bedecked with a chic assortment of culinary and beverage accessories that might be associated with royal picnics such as three half bottles of Krug and two fold-up stools.

But let’s get on with the best part of this “picnic.” The Krug Room menu will, of course, feature the culinary fabulosity of master French chef Guy Savoy paired with Krug champagne. Changing seasonally, the summer menu features a six-course pairing menu priced at $750 that includes an amuse bouche, Colors of Caviar, Crispy Sea Bass, the restaurant’s famed Artichoke with Black Truffle Soup, and Poussin with Black Truffle Potato Purée and Spring Vegetables, and dessert, all served with Krug Vintages from 1985 through 1995.

The Colors of Caviar was a creamy bit of heaven expertly layered into a tiny globe to form bands of black, green, pale yellow, and white. Fellow dinner guest Robin Leach was so smitten with it, he asked if his could be milkshake-sized.

The Crispy Sea Bass was delicately prepared with ginger, vanilla, coriander, mustard seeds and black pepper, and served with Swiss chard and Shitake mushrooms, and paired with a Krug 1990.

What can we say about the Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup except that it is renowned for good reason. The contrast of the richness of the Krug 1988 with the earthiness of the soup was a phenomenal pairing.

It’s not that we didn’t like the Poussin served with a Krug 1985, but we were so enamored with the smooth consistency and flavor of the Black Truffle Potato Purée it was hard to concentrate.

Finally dessert rolled up in the form of the sweets cart. One of the more fantastical items on the cart seemed to come straight from the imagination of Willy Wonka — Fennel, Lemon, and Basil/White Chocolate French Macaroons — which we indulged in with the Krug Rosé, MV. To this group of sated bon vivants it was all Truly Scrumptious!

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