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Mixology treatments offer custom dose of scented bliss

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TS Canyon Ranch Spa Club - Las Vegas - PedicureWe imagined it would be like a mad scientist alone in the lab surrounded by a bevy of concoctions, potions and elixirs bubbling and churning in test tubes and on Bunsen burners. Free to experiment and create magically scrumptious doses of aromatically pleasing creams and oils for our own immeasurable pleasure.

Lucky for our fellow Canyon Ranch spa-goers it wasn’t quite like that. While the SpaClub’s new mixology manicure and pedicure treatments allow the guest to be the mixologist, it’s not without assistance. Guests have the chance to mix their own organic scrubs, body butters and oils, choosing from a selection of essential oils and organic nutrients prior to their mani or pedi.

“We thought it was pretty unique,” Canyon Ranch Spa Director Blake Feeney acknowledges of the mixology series. “And rather than offer a pre-set mix of the day or week, we wanted to encourage people to have an experience and develop their own unique mix.”

Our own unique mix started with a tempting and richly aromatic array of fragrances that included chocolate, geranium, orange, raspberry, and mint. We were certain we would be drawn – like a bee to honey – to either the lavender or rosemary scents (also among the selections), but it was not to be this day. Upon sampling all the smells, we were immediately intoxicated with the sweetly subtle almond blossom and the more robust burst of the flowery rose petal.

The rose petal choice really surprised us as that is not usually a favorite. Our pedicurist allowed that certain smells attract us at certain times of the month or depending on our moods we may be drawn to unexpected aromas, which may explain our weird fetish for the rose. She also added that she has yet to see anyone mix the same blend twice.

Having made our selections, our scrub, oil and butter were whipped up and delivered to our pedicurist. The oil was drizzled into our foot bath and immediately its appealing aroma wafted up to begin a relaxing treatment. Next our sugar scrub (you can also choose salt for your scrub) was applied for a rousing lower leg massage. Finally the body butter with aloe and shea was smoothed on to make our feet baby soft. Having previously selected a nail color, Red Baroness, our toes than received the royal treatment.

Once our treatment was complete, we were delighted to be dispatched with a goodie bag filled with the remaining product they had custom blended for our treatment as well as our nail polish selection and the tools used in our service. It truly was a scrumptious experience from beginning to end.

Mixology manicures at Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian | at The Palazzo start at $90/$95 and pedicures start at $120/$125, and adjust based on the nutrients, oils, scrubs and butters guests incorporate into their mix. Service length is 30-minutes for manicures and 50-minutes for pedicures.

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