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Yours Truly was hankering for a new place to tantalize her tastebuds when she discovered a brilliant dining gem called Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen, located in the northwest on Rampart and Lake Mead. From the same people who cooked up Jasmine Thai Express and Jasmine Thai Gourmet, this fantastic little Thai spot, and she does mean little, is definitely a date night spot between the black tablecloths, white leather chairs, and mood lighting.

Only open since August and hidden away in a strip mall, it is absolutely worth a trip if only to try the restaurant’s World Famous Spinach Salad. Yours Truly would kinda have to agree, it should be of world famous renown with its ground chicken, shrimp, and cashews mixed into a lime dressing that diners drizzle over the most perfectly made tempura spinach leaves. She didn’t know spinach leaves could be battered with such a light hand and not wilt and wither into total oblivion. It’s a culinary feat!

Next she noshed on some very tasty Whitefish Cakes which were little fish patties served with Thai spices and cucumber in a sweet chili sauce. Another favorite was the Young Coconut Curry that was actually baked in a hollowed out coconut for a dazzling presentation. Each scoop of the exquisitely delectable stew of fish filet, scallops, mussels, squid, and shrimp nestled in an intoxicating coconut curry sauce was rich in seafood booty.

Although she and her companion were reaching their dining capacity, there was still a wee bit of room left for the Curry Catfish. As diehard catfish aficionados and knowing good catfish is hard to come by in this neck of the woods, it was a surprising success. In fact, it was actually yet another masterful culinary feat. Even though the catfish was covered in a creamy curry peanut sauce atop steamed Bok Choy, it still retained its crackled coating which always delights Yours Truly.

For a finale, it was a silky Lemongrass and Ginger Crème Brulee — absolutely a divine way to finish a spicy meal.

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  1. Dutch Eggink says:

    My wife and I, found this restaurant one of our favorites. There was nothing that we did not like (that includes the parking). We had what you would say “A perfect evening”, Thank you for the moemory.

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