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Going to NOVE Italiano’s new day club affair known as “High Society” is not so much high society as it is like the high school prom – a Las Vegas prom, that is. We didn’t go to high school in Las Vegas but we gotta imagine it looks something like this: the female servers are outfitted in fishnets and pink, purple and red tutus that are topped with corsets and bustiers. The male contingent is spuzzy in deep purple bowler hats. Then there are the dancers done up Vegas-style in cocktail server uniforms thrusting about on platforms strategically placed near the buffet table.

Just like any good prom, there’s a live DJ so the music is loud. So loud, in fact, that you should not plan on talking to your date. Which is fine with us, we didn’t much care for our high prom date anyway. But the raucous music may not be for everyone on a Sunday afternoon after a Saturday night of party hopping. Nove is even decorated prom-style, with thickets of gold, pink and purple balloons.

We thought it was a brunch since we were there on a Sunday at 2 p.m. but it’s not the subdued and mellow dining experience you typically encounter for brunch. It’s billed as “a lavish experience that offers you a place to mix and mingle amongst Las Vegas’ elite while enjoying high-end libations, a delectable day club menu and unrivaled entertainment.” We can best explain it as a brunch type of meal that has been created specifically with the party set in mind.

Several guests definitely got the memo that it is a disco atmosphere and that the more outrageous the better. There were guests in Zoot suits and one woman was decked out in a candy cane, metallic striped dress with matching headgear.

Don’t go and not expect to imbibe. The cocktail menu is extensive with brunch libations including sangria, Bellinis, Cantaloupe Mimosas, Pimmp’s Cup, Passionfruit Mojito and three versions of Bloody Marys including a Bloody Harry that has a bacon salt rim, vegetable infused Ketel 1, bacon, beef stick and pickled veggies.

The food is good, but with all the action going on in the room you almost forget about it. There were quite a few salads: Apple and Fennel; Caesar; Buffalo Mozzarella; Pesto Pasta; and Hearts of Palm with Asparagus. We were over the moon for the calmari and seafood salad. Other buffet items included grilled vegetables, charcuterie, crab legs, Mexican eggs, sweet sausage, hard cheese, bacon, and shrimp. There’s even a Frittata and Poached Egg station. We have been to a lot of brunches and had not seen pizza served before but it felt like it definitely belonged in this atmosphere. As for sweets, they didn’t miss a one: cakes, cupcakes, crème brulee, black & white cookies, berries, muffins, chocolate covered strawberries, confections and pastries were all in huge abundance.

As we were leaving at 3:30 p.m. rowdiness was in full throttle. One guest had invited himself up on one of the platforms to jive with one of the dancers and the room — in full approval — was cheering him on. The place was definitely thumpin’…just another prom night in Vegas.

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