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Fig trees are expectant with an abundance of fruit in Southern Nevada right now. If you are an owner of such a tree, let the fig-a-thon begin. Yours Truly was graciously given a bag of fabulous figs and had a wonderful time discovering what could be done with the ravishing little fruit. We found that the subtle sweetness of the fig is best paired with salty and dairy items.

Our first foray with the coveted fig involved slicing up some for roasting and then topping the tender pieces with vanilla bean ice cream and a drizzle of honey. Superb! Next, we again roasted a few slices and layered each of them with Havarti cheese and a clump of Proscuitto before putting them back in the oven. So lovely!

For a mid-day snack we noshed on a Fresh-Fig Grilled Cheese sandwich, recipe courtesy of chef Michelle Bernstein. Her recipe called for Ciabatta bread, fig jam, Fontina cheese, Black Forest Ham, fresh figs and Rosemary oil. It was a far cry from your ordinary grilled cheese sandwich, divine!

Finally, we finished off our fig experiment with Chicken, Fig and Pancetta Bites by Rachael Ray. We weren’t as crazy for this recipe as the other fig creations we tried, but it may be right up your alley.

Although we didn’t try this Grilled Fig Salad, it sounds fabu.

Long live the fig!

The trend of street fare has hit other cities like a fly swatter at a picnic. While it has been ever-so-slow to arrive in Las Vegas, it’s finally here. Well it actually may have already been here. The Fruit Loop at Paradise and Swenson has dirty water dogs at the obscenely late hour of 3 a.m. but we reference something a little more on the gourmet side.

If you check its web site (, the Slidin’ Thru truck is most likely coming to a neighborhood near you. Trained to never miss a trend especially one that involves mobile food, yours Truly hit the slider truck as soon as its existence came into her realm of knowledge.

The sliders are delivered through the colorful truck’s window straight off the grill so the wee burgers are still juicy and hot. We were surprised at the freshness of the ingredients and the angus beef will leave you craving another. We opted for the Captain’s Order of sautéed onion, bacon, feta, flash grilled tomato and spring greens. It was like having a Greek salad on a burger. Delish! We also got the Pep Pep of lettuce, tomato, bacon, sautéed onion, melted cheddar and super sauce. Other sandwich choices include Pulled Porkie of slow-cooked pork, bbq and caramelized jalapeno or the Eggplant Caprese of Roma tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella and balsamic reduction. You can get one slider for $3, two for $5, and three for $7.


That’s right dear readers, they do exist. Ronald’s Donuts located at Spring Mountain and Decatur in Chinatown has perfected the vegan donut. Talk about ahead of its time, for 18 years this little donut shop has made its sweet doughy goodness without the aid of butter or eggs. And let us assure you would never know the difference.

We tried a good old glazed donut, chocolate glazed donut and cinnamon twist. They were all fabulously tasty. Ronald’s offers two rows of the vegan treats – apple fritters, donut holes, jelly filled, bear claws, crème filled and many more. They also make regular donuts too.

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