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Dancing Shrimp at Tetsu

Forget tuning into “Top Chef” and “MasterChef” when you can take in the up close reality of cooking firsthand at recently opened Tetsu helmed by Forbes and Michelin-decorated Chef Masa Takayama. In August, the renowned chef introduced the first teppan concept to his culinary repertoire at ARIA Resort & Casino.

Located inside Masa’s Japanese restaurant, barMASA, Tetsu replaces Shaboo, installing a team of teppanyaki chefs who oversee the eatery’s culinary entertainment – prepping, cooking and plating orders specific to each guest’s request including exact cut, portion size, and preparation style of their choice. Diners also have the opportunity to hand select the ingredients for their entrée from a produce table displaying an upscale farmer’s market overflowing with the freshest meat, seafood and vegetables.

Seated at a tall table butted up against a communal teppan grill in full view of chefs cooking on a 400-degree grill top using sesame oil, we had front row seats to the incredible knife skills and quick paced performance art of Japanese grilling.

Before our entrée, we delighted in Tai Sea Bream sashimi that was light and refreshing with generous truffle shavings for a sliver of decadence. Neither our Jalapeno Calamari, which was sans tempura so we could taste the full flavor of the squid, nor the Sizzling Jalapeno Octopus were spicy but lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection rather than becoming the consistency of rubber bands.

For our main course, we choose from a choice of ingredients that included just about anything you could want: lobster, chicken, duck, ribeye, filet mignon and turbot. We selected filet mignon accompanied by shitake, shallots, asparagus and spinach. The tasty sauces served with the beef curiously had a Mexican flair — Cilantro Verde and Chile Soy – but they were very complementary to the tender meat. For our side we decided on Wild Rice with Garlic that was prepared with onions, wagyu and scallions.

We completed our meal with an unexpected and quite lovely ending — Masa’s famous Truffle Ice Cream. It was a savory treat topped with big truffle shavings that was sweet at first taste and then tapered into a mushroomy, almost earthy flavor.

Tetsu,, 702.590.7111
ARIA Resort & Casino
Open Wednesday – Sunday from 5 – 11 p.m.

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