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Retooled Dragon Noodle Co. & Sushi Bar opens at Monte Carlo

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A re-envisioned Dragon Noodle Co. & Sushi Bar has just opened at the Monte Carlo serving three very separate cuisines: Sushi, Dim Sum and Chinese.

But first let’s talk server uniforms. For those who are into Japanese Anime and the genre’s resulting Costume Role Playing, or CosPlay for the cool kids, this is the place to find your favorite characters from “Sailor Moon”, “Naruto” and “Bleach”, among others. The bar staff dresses as the characters for a fun effect. There’s even a CosPlay Lounge area. Now, all they have to do is show the cartoons, so those unfamiliar with anime can pick up on the concept a bit quicker and won’t wonder why the bar staff is dressed like it’s Halloween.

Our pre-dinner cocktail was a Blue Rabbit which was Absolut Citron, fresh blueberries, fresh lemon sour, and Star Rabbit Blueberry Sparkling Sake. We have always been big fans of Star Rabbit so were enthused to find it had its own very delicious cocktail. One of our fellow diners was intrigued by the jalapeño pepper element in the Mango Dragon which was additonally comprised of Cruzan Mango Rum, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, pineapple juice, and rock candy syrup. More on jalapeños later.

Next we shared The Volcano, which is recommended for two or more and they are right about that, it is one big bowl of sputtering nectar that includes Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Hennessy V.S. Cognac, Pineapple, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, and Rock Candy Syrup. The sputtering is a result of dry ice that brings a dramatic wafting smoke effect to the cocktail.

Dragon Noodle’s use of jalapeño peppers continued in our starter of Salt & Pepper Calamari. The jalapeño pepper slices gave the Calamari a bit of a bite, and if you like your calamari in thick chunky pieces than this is the dish for you. We also had a very yummy Fried Shrimp Wonton served with a satisfying mayonnaise-based dipping sauce.

Our sushi experience included Bacon & Egg Roll which we would happily start any day with. It was a soy-braised pork belly roll topped with fried quail egg. Sunny-sational! We also had the Monte Carlo Roll of toro, soft-shell crab, sesame, and eel sauce, and Emperor’s Roll of double hamachi with scallion, quail egg and garlic soy. And not to forget the eatery’s favorite ingredient — there is a Jalapeño Popper Roll of unagi and eel sauce.

Next up, Dim Sum. Our trio consisted of BBQ Pork Steamed Buns, Steamed Pork Siu Mei, and Steamed Shrimp Har Gow. All were done well.

As for the Chinese side of the menu it was the Lemon Chicken that starred, although not at first. Our initial bite of the Lemon Chicken was off-putting as it was so sweet and lemony but once our palate adjusted and we got used to it, we couldn’t get enough. Dragon Noodle uses a lemon meringue pie like filling as a sauce over the lightly battered chicken that when paired with the crunchiness of the chicken was wonderful.

Salt & Pepper Asparagus was another favorite and was served with – you guessed it – sautéed jalapeño pepper slices. If you like a lot of black pepper than the Prime Sirloin with Black Pepper Sauce is an excellent way to get a big dose. The Singapore Curry Rice Noodles stir-fried with baby-shrimp, B.B.Q. pork, onions, green peppers and curry powder was also a tasty dish.

Finally, an array of desserts arrived including the very remarkable Coconut Ginger Cake which was a very dense and firm cake that had been topped with a ginger whipped topping and a disk of carmelized sugar. It was divine!

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