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It’s time to stop and smell the roses and we mean it’s literally time to stop and, well, you know. No, we are not suggesting you visit the florist, flit out to the garden or take stock of your life. We have something in mind that will absolutely dazzle your olfactory senses and it begins with a trip to Dior at The Shoppes at The Palazzo. And best of all, it’s an experience that is exclusive to Las Vegas.

“This is the only place in the US that has it,” affirms Becky Watkins, Education Manager for Christian Dior, and our guide to all things that smell wonderful, of Dior’s just launched La Collection.

It’s about to be a new year so why not shake off some of the old and usher in a new scent. Dior Perfumer-Creator Francois Demachy has created seven fragrances to round out existing favorites — Bois d’ Argent, Ambre Nuit and Eau Noire — for a 10-fragrance collection. For some such an array of scents could overwhelm, however, the personalized service provided by Dior zeroes in on the right one for you.

The Dior, or as we like to refer to it “Olfactory Orgy,” experience begins with a 30-minute consultation with a fragrance specialist so they can get to know you. “We want to find out about you and make sure it suits your personality so it will be right when it lives on your skin,” explains Watkins. “We tailor it for a personalized selection so it will be unique to you.”

Being first and foremost a perfume company, the Dior experts ask a series of questions to help them determine what will best suit you. What scent do you prefer or currently wear? What scents do you like? What scents don’t you like? Do you like fresh or intense? Do you favor original or elegant? Are you discreet or outgoing?

We offered up our dislike for licorice and all things citrus and choose intense, elegant and outgoing. We also revealed our undying love for Tiffany Eau de Parfum. Based on this information, Yours Truly turned out to be a match with one of Dior’s unisex fragrances, Ambre Nuit, which features a main ingredient of Ambre Gris, a unique stone from New Zealand.

“Christian Dior loved the balls of 18th century, he loved the glamour, he was inspired by all that and you can see that in Ambre Nuit,” says Anelia Shivachev, Dior manager, who has joined our parfum party. “It’s a fragrance with a mysterious Turkish rose scent wrapped around the amber.”

We were immediately smitten, Ambre Nuit is indeed a beautiful fragrance. If velvet had a scent this would be it. It’s very soft and sumptuous, and we have shamelessly worn it every day since.

Using exquisite ingredients of the highest caliber, Demachy has created three fragrances for women (Milly, New Look 47 and Mitzah), four for men (Granville, Vetiver, Eau Noire and Leather Oud, and three that are unisex (Cologne Royale, Bois d’ Argent and Ambre Nuit). “Demachy is inspired by what kind of woman would wear each of these, and will it reflect her attitude,” says Watkins of La Collection.

Dior is also more than happy to help you find the right fragrance for any of those special darlings in your life whether they be male or female. Playing a similar question game, the dolls of Dior can help you determine what they will favor.

We happily sniffed, snuffled, inhaled, whiffed and savored all ten and can attest that no matter which fragrance is matched to you, you will come out smelling like a Turkish rose.

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