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Simon Doonan dishes on ginormous handbags, leggings and fashion faux pas

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A Valexta handbag is a must this season.

A Valexta handbag is a must this season.

We sat down with Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan today for some fashion insight into the fall season.

If you could only acquire three pieces for fall, what should they be?

The Bag – Go for either the new Nina Ricci with the bow or a Valextra Tote like Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie are currently carrying. I find it interesting that besides the obvious thing they have in common, they are both carrying this beautiful tote with very simple with clean lines.

The Shoes – It must be a boot. From a lacy Louboutin boudoir boot right through to a Yves St. Laurent hired assassin boot, there are a dizzying number of choices.

Lanvin's Little Black Dress is another must-have for fall.

Lanvin's Little Black Dress is another must-have for fall.

The Black Dress – If you love black, this is your season to buy black. You can do a couture dress from Lanvin, a more surreal style from Alexander Wang or a tough architectural look from Givenchy.

What is one trend to avoid this fall? The only real fashion faux pas for fall is not knowing who you are, having no sense of your own style. Fashion is a spectacular sport with an enormous amount of ways to dress. It’s all about self-expression.

What are your thoughts on leggings? Pro or con? I am in the mind of it should be more of a why not, than a why. Leggings can be a creative flourish for your outfit. They add panache. If you like them, wear them.

What about the trend toward ginormous handbags? I find it amusing. You see these tiny girls carrying these huge bags and maybe she has a revolver and a Kleenex inside. I find it very entertaining to see Blair from “Gossip Girls” carrying a bag the size of a rhinoceros’ scrotum.

Okay, we have to know your thoughts on the thigh-high boots that are everywhere? I think they are fantastic. It doesn’t matter if you are the most conservative girl on the block or the biggest hoochie in Las Vegas, fashion is a very broad landscape.

How has the face of luxury changed? Recession has had a positive impact on service. It’s improving service at restaurants, airports and stores. It was easy to take it for granted before the recession. I think people are more appreciative now.

Are you seeing your customers shop differently with the recent economic woes? They are buying less. Instead of buying six pairs of shoes, they are buying two or three.

Simon Says:
The 23-year Barneys veteran gives a big thumbs up to “Valentino: The Last Emperor” but has yet to see “The September Issue.” He also approves of studded, tough footwear because it’s good in these recessionary times, after all, he explains, a girl needs to look like she can kick some butt.

Simon gives a big thumbs down to Heidi Klum’s weekly “Project Runway” moniker — In fashion one day you are in, the next day you are out. According to Simon, it’s simply not true. There’s a million ways to be fashionable.

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