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The Las Vegas Valley is now absolutely besieged with cupcake emporiums. Yours Truly has never been witness to so many cute cakes with mounds of luscious frosting covered with inventive toppings.

One thing she has always been bedeviled by is the proper way to consume the tiny little things. Fortuitously, she was at Southern Nevada’s newest mini cake shop, Gigi’s Cupcakes on Maryland Parkway and Flamingo, and was schooled in respectable cupcake noshing.

To delicately consume and enjoy your cupcake to its utmost potential, you must pick up the cupcake, turn it over icing side down, and smoosh it into a plate. You then peel away the wrapper and dine on your sweet gateau with a fork. How absolutely civilized!

Yours Truly cringed when she saw Brandy Viscaino, General Manager of Gigi’s, engage in the seemingly destructive act. But upon executing the task, found the whole maneuver much more dignified than trying to smash the whole heaping thing in her mouth despite its large capacity. ;)

Yours Truly also learned about the uniformed swirls that adorn a Gigi’s cupcake. Everyone on the Gigi’s team is swirl certified, yes, you read it right. Each team member has to master the exact way to swirl a cupcake which can take up to 200 times of practicing the maneuver.

Yours Truly, always a cupcake connoisseur, had a nibble of several of the festive little treats. The Texas Milk Chocolate has just a smidgen of cinnamon in the cake for a bit of added spice (milk chocolate cake topped with milk chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles and a yellow fondant star). Top Hats which in its black and white minimalism was fabulously subtle (dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips baked in and buttercream frosting dipped in chocolate ganache).

Southern Comfort (pecan pie cupcake topped with a rich caramel frosting and dusted with powdered sugar) was the favorite, probably because it was so un-cupcake-like. The brown sugar and pecans give it a wonderful crunch so it’s not so cakey. It tasted reminiscent of a Thanksgiving dessert Yours Truly sates herself with every year — pecan pick-ups made by dear old mom.

Hunka Chunka Banana Love (banana nut cake with dark chocolate chips topped with a banana buttercream frosting dipped in ganache) is a good choice for the more healthful among us. The banana nut cake in itself is delicious if you have the willpower to skip the icing and ganache.

Gigi’s offers over 40 custom flavored cupcakes, with the best sellers being Wedding Cake (white cake topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkled with white nonpareils) and Scarlett’s Red Velvet (red velvet cake with a vanilla filling topped with cream cheese frosting, a white chocolate heart and red sugar crystals). We dare you to try them all and have a smashing good time!

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  1. Barbara Oliver says:

    It’s a funny thing! I just had dinner at Flemming’s with a woman who knew the art of cupcake consumption! Sue and I both had a great time visiting with you! Next time you’re in St. George, look us up!

    Have some fun today!

  2. breannah says:

    my dad told me that. how smart!!

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