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Toe Jam — A Party For Your Digits!

7 years, 8 months ago 1

For this installment of Truly Scrumptious we are breaking away from our usual foodie obsessions to expose you to an eye-catching fashion trend that will literally blow your socks off. It’s a new method of finger- and toe-nail fashion that offers a dynamic way to accessorize your digits to match whatever you are wearing.

Called Minx, the simple procedure involves applying a flexible film decorated with a pattern that is applied using a heat lamp and simple pressure. And for fashionistas obsessed with accessorizing to the hilt, the best part is that Minx is available in stunning metallics and bold patterns that include everything from pink cheetah to paisley and plaid prints as well as graphic selections that include President Obama’s face. And for brides-to-be, there are even lace patterns to complement your dress.

Minx is not a polish so there’s no worry about chipping, and no need to gingerly leave the salon because there’s no drying either. This procedure lasts between six to eight weeks. And we at Truly Scrumptious can attest to that, we are going on week six with our Minx metallic silver toes and everything is still perfection without even the faintest fading. It still looks like we are sporting tiny mirrors on each little piggy and we have never been stopped so many times with looks of sheer admiration.

Minx is available locally at the AMP Salon in The Palms and The Salon at the Bellagio.

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