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T&T’s Alambre taco of grilled skirt steak, bacon, Oaxaca cheese and chile poblano.

When I hear a chef fervently wax poetic about the food he makes, my mouth waters and my tongue tingles. So when Tacos & Tequilas Chef Saul Ortiz-Cruz busted out with “cilantro and onions are the cologne of every taco,” I knew we were about to devour some tasty Mexican vittles.

And we weren’t deceived. To start, we dipped into Chef’s Camaron Ceviche, a mix of shrimp, citrus broth, roasted tomatillo, cilantro — and ready yourself for this — anise pickled tomato. The star anise coupled with agave nectar gave the ceviche a coolness that encircled my mouth eliminating any sour taste that plagues some ceviche. “I wanted a liquorish flavor profile for seafood, the star anise makes it aromatic,” relayed Chef Saul of his secret ingredient.

Describing his food as Modern Mexican, Chef went on to say that he likes to “show our identity, our flavors, what the earth is giving us. My flavors are from the corner stand in the marketplace in Mexico City.” And that is certainly revealed in the array of tacos T&T offers.

After sampling 10 tacos, the ones that stood out to us, all had one thing in common – fruit. “Fruit gives undertones of freshness to meat that has been marinating for hours,” Ortiz-Cruz offered. T&T’s Shaved is pork al pastor, grilled pineapple, onion and cilantro; their Carnitas is slow-roasted pork, orange segments and pickled onion; and Camaron is shrimp al pastor and grilled pineapple. Not to say the other seven weren’t good, they just didn’t have that sweet and savory something that simulated a fiesta in my mouth.

The taco joint’s most popular taco is the Alambre which is grilled skirt steak, bacon, Oaxaca cheese and chile poblano. As I was having a big sumptuous bite, I found that it tasted familiar like a hamburger, probably because of the bacon and cheese, and understood why it was T&T’s number one seller. The other taco that got the attention of my palate because it was so juicy, and I usually don’t go in for meat that’s shredded, was T&Ts Tinga — shredded chicken and chipotle tomato sauce. I ate the whole thing.

Chef Saul Ortiz-Cruz summed up his cuisine very succinctly, “how many flavors you can combine in one dish is the secret.” Indeed.

Tacos & Tequila,, 702.262.5225
Luxor Hotel & Casino
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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