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Wrinkle Iron is a Wonder Iron

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Doesn’t it always seem as though when there is another birthday in the offing, especially a landmark one, the hunt begins anew for the fountain of youth? We suddenly see lines we hadn’t noticed before, age spots seem like they should have bliTS Wonder Ironnkers, and we feel like a sagasaurus around the jaw line.

Having turned 40 this summer, I feel like every commercial that has to do with skin care, gray hair, and aging is calling my name, or maybe I have just become paranoid in my old age. Of course there are hundreds of products on the market for dabbling, experimenting, and spending money to regain some semblance of our wayward youth.

And so as my morosity over another year gone by deepened, serendipity stepped in when a friend mentioned her aesthetician had a new skin rejuvenating product. I wasn’t terribly intrigued until I heard the name of it – the wrinkle iron. Now that sounded like a product with which I needed to become intimately acquainted and with top speed.

Taking only a total of 10 minutes twice a week, Galvanic Spa’s wrinkle iron smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes age spots and pores, and attacks cellulite. Using different attachments, the wonder iron, as I lovingly refer to it, even stimulates hair growth as well as allows you to plump your lips naturally.

“Better than Botox, better than Resytlyne, it’s the most exciting thing I have seen in 30 years,” explained local skin therapist Sherry Preszet.

Basically Galvanic Spa’s wrinkle iron is a hand-held device about the size of a cell phone that is battery operated and uses negative and positive charges to rejuvenate your skin with the aid of gels. First, the negative gel is applied for five minutes pulling toxins and impurities from your skin. Next a positive gel is applied, also for five minutes, and works all the way down to the dermis to ready your skin to receive 70 percent more in nutrients from your regular skincare and moisturizing routine. The final step is the application of a firming serum that returns the elasticity of your skin to that of a 20-year-old.

“When you are 23 years old, that is the best your skin will ever look. After that, the breakdown begins,” explains Preszet of the aging process. At 52 years old, Preszet herself has been using the wrinkle iron for the last six months, and I swear her skin does indeed look like that of a 20-year-old. “The key is the product’s ageLOC technology stops aging at its source and doubles your elastin in 60 days.”

Preszet used the wrinkle iron on just the right side of my face. During the procedure I felt no sensation because the Galvanic Spa System self-adjusts using low-level galvanic currents. In fact it was so smooth and without sensation that I wondered if anything was even happening at all.

The next day I immediately accosted my co-workers to examine my face and tell me if they could recognize a difference. They all could see a marked difference between my right and left side without any prompting from me as to which side had undergone work. The side of my face that had been treated to the wrinkle iron was less puffy, had less in the way of fine lines, and the bag (I have really bad bags under each eye from putting in contacts for 30 years) didn’t hang as low on the right side of my face. Prior to the wonder iron, they used to be even with one another. A week later, I can still see the magical results of the wrinkle iron.

Preszet sums it up best, “we call it liquid gold because we are stopping aging in its tracks. I have plenty of people addicted to the serum because it gives them back their youth.”

There’s only one downside to Galvanic’s wrinkle iron, you must actually purchase the product, and its gels and handle your own application. The price is not exorbitant at $350, but for those of us used to pampering and not dealing with our own beauty upkeep, it’s not ideal. But should this not be an obstacle for your desire to have the skin of a 20-year-old, you can contact Sherry Preszet at

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