UNCOMMON THREADS: Nicolas Bijan carries on father’s legacy

For decades, the name Bijan has been synonymous with all things sumptuous and superlative. The famed designer was known for his eponymous Rodeo Drive boutique and exquisite tailoring, including custom suits made of the finest fabrics long favored by kings, president and global elites. Despite his death in 2011, his 26-year-old son Nicolas Bijan continues his father’s legacy by reinventing the company and opening many more boutiques across the country — including one at Wynn Las Vegas last month. We caught up with Nicolas recently for more details.

Why did you decide to open a store in Las Vegas now?

When Mr. Wynn (whom we have been honored to dress now for many years) called to see if we would be interested in opening a Bijan boutique in the hotel we were thrilled — so much so that the next morning I flew to meet Mr. Wynn in Las Vegas. (The boutique) will display several design features that have been made famous at our Rodeo Drive flagship, such as a crystal chandelier adorned with over 1,000 Bijan perfume bottles, color-coordinated merchandise displays with fresh flowers, even a 14-foot tall entry door to match the Rodeo Drive boutique.

Do you have many clients from Las Vegas?

Since 1976 Bijan has been dressing some of the most powerful men and women from all around the world. While we have several high-profile clients who live in Las Vegas, we have found that many visitors to our flagship boutique on Rodeo Drive are on their way to or from Las Vegas. Las Vegas is world-famous for its classic luxury; opulence, color, exclusivity, and attention to detail … these are all qualities that are also evident in the House of Bijan’s menswear, jewelry, accessory, and fragrance collections. Over the last few years I have worked to increase awareness of the historic brand all while maintaining the exclusivity, quality, and attention to detail that has made Bijan so successful. Undoubtedly, Las Vegas is the perfect platform to interact with the esteemed and diverse client base we have served for over four decades. 

It’s very hot here in the summer, how does one stay elegant and chic in triple-digit heat? 

Since Bijan has always been a Beverly Hills-based brand, we are no strangers to warm weather! Many of the pieces of “wearable art” in our collection blend beautiful lightweight fabrics like linen and silk or featherweight cashmere and silk in beautiful summer color combinations. Furthermore, because we have such extreme attention to detail we have designed some beautiful half-lined jackets which some would say are even more beautiful on the inside than out! 

Bright colors are such a significant part of the brand, especially its signature sunny yellow. What has it come to mean to you over the years?  

Indeed, we are famous for our signature shade of “Bijan Yellow.” However, we are famous using all different colors in our displays and seasonal collections. Bijan Yellow is a very happy color and also its important to note that many of our clients from China have informed us that yellow was the emperor’s color in Imperial China.

What is the most timeless piece of fashion advice that your father gave you?

My father was a master of tastefully wearing and designing with beautiful colors, which really was something extraordinary when combined with his devotion to quality. The use of beautiful colors and incredible quality is something we continue to be famous for today and allows us to remain unique in the world of luxury menswear.