When you wrap something in 24-karat gold, what’s inside had better be good. Hidden beneath the 50 individual leaves of 24-karat gold on the outside of a Daniel Marshall Red Label 24kt Golden Torpedo, is a cigar rolled at Nicaragua’s Plasencia factory, from a blend of tobacco that’s been aged for at least five years.

And when you light it up, melting the gold as you burn the tobacco, it’s an experience like no other.

The only place in Las Vegas where you’ll find The Golden Torpedo, a collaboration with the legendary cigar manufacturer Manuel Quesada, is at Montecristo Cigar Bar in Caesars Palace.

A single smoke costs $400, or one can opt for an even more luxurious experience: the $1,000 Aficionado Package.

Naturally, one requires an exquisite beverage to accompany such a smoke. So this package also includes a 2.5-ounce pour of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac.

To commemorate the occasion, a Montecristo ashtray is included as a souvenir. And to encourage return visits, a one-year Montecristo Social Club membership is also included, which provides 10 percent off of all beverages as well as early access and special membership pricing for monthly cigar and spirits events