Great Scott! The planets align for a Lady Antebellum residency at the Palms

Hillary Scott’s life is kind of like the solar system. Her family is the sun. Such career responsibilities as touring, recording and songwriting — even flying to Vegas — are in orbit around
that single energy source.

Scott’s 5-year-old daughter, Eisele, has picked up on this theme.

“She does artwork every day at school,” Scott says during a phone conversation. “It’s great to be an artist for a living; it’s your job and you have this career. Then your daughter comes home with this amazing art of the solar system. She has all the planets. She has the sun, the moon.”

Is Pluto in Eisele’s solar system?

“Haha, no!” Scott says with a laugh. “Pluto is an outlier. Eisele tells me, ‘No, it’s not a planet, Mommy.’”

Lady Antebellum would have to be Jupiter, the most prodigious planet, in this galactic metaphor. Scott and bandmates Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley are trekking to Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms for a 16-show run, beginning with five shows Feb. 8-16. Titled “Our Kind of Vegas,” the series continues for select dates May 10-18 and Aug. 23-31. (Tickets start at $34.95 and are on sale through Ticketmaster.) The show’s title borrows from the band’s 2007 hit, “Our Kind of Love.”

“We’re playing off that song to bring our love of country music from Nashville to the Las Vegas stage,” Scott says. “We will be in a beautiful theater while celebrating this incredible city we’ll be fortunate enough to play in for an extended period of time.”

Expect “Our Kind of Vegas” to be laden with storytelling and sprinkled with references to Las Vegas. The band has a strong connection to the city, primarily through repeated appearances at the annual Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Lady Antebellum garnered their first two major honors (Top Vocal Group of the Year and Top New Duo or Vocal Group) at the 2008 show.

Along with the song that inspired the residency’s title, the band plans to roll through such hits as “Love Don’t Live Here,” “Need You Now” and “American Honey.”

Lady Antebellum took a break from touring as Scott and her husband, longtime Nashville drummer Chris Tyrrell, welcomed twin girls Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn in January.

The band, which was formed in 2006, has reconvened to perform what Scott calls a state-of-the-band show.

Scott anticipates digging deep into her recent solo efforts, too. The band has been conferring about “Thy Will,” the lead single from Scott’s 2016 album, “Love Remains.” The single draws from a miscarriage Scott experienced in the fall of 2015.

“We were just talking about this song,” Scott says. “It is so important to me; it’s from my life, and I feel the need to continue to share the message of inspiration. And we will play it, together. All three of us should be together for it.”

Scott compares the members of Lady A to an extended family, and it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. A few years ago the three founding members sought professional therapy — Scott likened it to marriage counseling — to work on how they communicate with each other, professionally and personally.

“We are a songwriting trio, a band that writes songs together, first and foremost,” Scott says. “That is what we are. It’s the three of us sitting around brainstorming, and what we gravitate back to is, ‘I want to tell this story, and I need to figure out how to tell it.’ That is a whole experience, it is supercollaborative and there is no set formula, and we come from a kind of instinctive place.”

All topics are in play during these songwriting sessions.

“With us, having a male and female vocal, you get both perspectives on any subject,” Scott says. “Love, heartbreak, fun with friends, parenthood. I’ll start with a line, something that might have happened to me just this week, and say to the others, ‘Can we write about that?’ Then Dave will come up with a chord pattern, and
we’re off.”

When she’s not performing with the band here, Scott says, “I want to get to know the Vegas I don’t know about from having been there for just a couple of nights at a time. I want to hear the music the city has to offer. Some of my all-time favorite artists in the whole wide world are there.”

And, she wants to explore family-friendly spots since the whole crew will be out for the Vegas run.

“It’ll be nice for me as a new momma of less than year-old twin girls and a 5-year-old to do something special,” Scott says. “We want to do something special, not just what’s obvious. I know the (Discovery) Children’s Museum is there, and we will want to take the opportunity to see that.”

Great idea. Even now, little Eisele is lining up the stars.