Enchanted Eggs

There’s nothing like good caviar: deceptively simple, classically elegant and almost embarrassingly decadent. The same can be said for the cuisine of Thomas Keller, arguably America’s most accomplished fine-dining chef. So while his TV-star contemporaries lend their names and images to frozen pizzas and jarred sauces in your local supermarket, it’s no surprise that Keller’s new product line aims to bring the world’s finest fish roe to restaurants and homes around the world.

The world-renowned chef has teamed with former Sterling Caviar and Tsar Nicoulai Caviar CEO Shaoching Bishop to launch a new company called Regiis Ova, dedicated to making world-class caviar available to everyone. The name means “royal egg” in Latin. And Regiis Ova offers six varieties of sturgeon caviar from sustainable farms personally selected by Keller and Bishop, as well as trout, salmon and whitefish roe. Along with offering it in Keller’s restaurant’s including his flagship French Laundry in Yountville, California, and Bouchon in The Venetian, it’s available to the public through regiisova.com.