Envisioning Vegas from a new angle

Nikola Olic’s abstract architectural photography lends a different perspective to familiar structures we see every day, reimagining “subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways.

His photographs have been featured in galleries, museums, magazines such as Architectural Digest, newspapers and websites around the world.

Olic, 43, moved to Texas from the former Yugoslavia as a high school senior exchange student. Five years ago, he started Structure Photography after noticing and photographing the unusual facade of a Frank Gehry building in New York City.

Since then he has photographed buildings in many places including Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dallas, Barcelona, China and now Las Vegas. Olic meticulously records the location from which his photos are taken in latitude and longitude coordinates, “offering a direct connection between the unexpected visual space of the photograph and the real world of cars, buildings, people and noise in which it exists.”