6 gifts to buy for a traveler

Can’t sit still, can they? Gotta go here. Gotta go there. Gotta go everywhere. What do you get that peripatetic soul on your gift list who relentlessly racks up the frequent flier miles or runs up the odometer? Here are suggestions for those who’d appreciate useful and inventive accoutrements, whether they’re traveling the state, traversing the nation or trotting the globe.

Personal organizer toiletry bag

Where’s your hair spritz? Wedged next to the deodorant? Dwarfed by the makeup kit? Get organized, ye disorganized traveler, courtesy of this model of streamlined efficiency. Sold in a dozen colors —including “gray buffalo plaid” and “sea holly” — this carrier features side-zip storage packets, soft mesh pockets that cradle your grooming products in the main compartment, upper-zip pockets that can hold travel-size bottles and contain spills, a removable mirror and a shower caddy. $29.95, llbean.com

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LLBean.comPoweradd Apollo 2 solar charger

You’ll get a real charge — several, in fact — out of this device that will be there for you when your batteries aren’t. Expect to get an average of 4½ charges out of the Poweradd for your iPhone 6, or three full charges to a Samsung Galaxy S5, and 1½ charges to an iPad Mini. Poweradd is dust-proof and shock-proof, and can be used during light rain. It’s roughly the same dimensions as an iPhone 6 and features three lighting modes. $25.99, amazon.com

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amazon.comAromatherapy Associates relax eye mask

Can’t snooze on a plane, catnap on a train or catch a few winks in a car? Try this sleep mask, which has olfactory benefits. The silk-and-velvet-lined mask releases lavender buds to relax your body and release you into sleepy-time. $80, net-a-porter.com

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Net-a-porter.com‘I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Mind’

Philosophical query: If you don’t chronicle something, did it actually happen? Why take chances when you can put it all down in this imaginatively illustrated journal with surprising pictorials on every page. Plenty of space allows for addresses, itineraries and reviews, plus there are reference sections for time zones and measurement, and a back pocket for “ephemera.” Write on, traveler. $16.95, chroniclebooks.com

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Speakeasy hidden pocket scarves

Style and stealthiness. Both come in handy for travelers thanks to these scarves that, while scoring high marks for fashion, also are perfect for carrying/concealing items such as cellphones, passports, small guidebooks, lip balm and other absolute essentials. Multiple — and we do mean multiple —style choices include patterns named Monterey Bay, Ocean Flannel, Marbela, Soda Springs Cobalt and En Roses. $40-$65, speakeasytravelsupply.com

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Speakeasytravelsupply.com‘Best in Travel 2018’

Where to go? What to do? Why do it? All good questions, and all the answers are in this guidebook from the travel media company Lonely Planet, which clues you in on all the “must-visit” countries, regions and cities for the upcoming year. Lonely Planet’s staff of travel experts puts you on the trail of hidden-jewel journeys and offers tips on subjects such as best values, cultural trips, new accommodations, vegetarian and vegan eateries, value cruises and island resorts. $12.36 in hardcover, $11.83 in softcover, barnesandnoble.com

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