This Monday we highlight the backs of shoes, or lack thereof.

The mule has become a must-have on our shoe shelf. The traditional close-toe, open-back shoe has evolved throughout history.

Originally worn as slippers, mules stayed in the bedroom until 1950’s and 1960’s Hollywood fashionistas brought them out into the light of day. The ’90s brought us a chunkier version, the slide, which you remember rocking with a mini-skirt, spaghetti strap tank and space buns. Now, this stubborn shoe design has made its way into Fashion present.

The must-haves of each era always  make a comeback, with a twist. This shoe is the hallmark of transition: day-to-night, summer-to-fall, slipper-to-formal wear.

Enjoy flipping through some favorite renditions of our #MustHave Monday pick: the Mule shoe.

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