Brunch Magic

Photo by Neon PR
Eggs in Purgatory is a tomato-and-egg skillet served with house-made bread and thin slices of prosciutto.

Chef conjures up delicious dishes at Summerlin eatery

Chef Gina Marinelli has expanded the hours and offerings at her new Italian restaurant, La Strega, to include Sunday brunch. While her focus remains serving the Summerlin neighborhood that has enthusiastically embraced her since her February opening, the unique offerings, seemingly flawless execution and genuine hospitality make it a destination experience.
La Strega is Italian for “the witch,” and Marinelli’s most powerful magic lies in her ability to elevate Southern Italian staples in ways that impart tiny touches of elegance without sacrificing their heart and soul. A tomato-and-egg skillet called Eggs in Purgatory is served with house-made bread and thin slices of prosciutto. Salted cod fritters known as baccala friti are a crisp, surprisingly light Sicilian spin on fish and chips, minus the chips. For something sweet, try the semolina waffles with strawberries and mascarpone, or
crisp-edged brandied French toast with blueberries.
The chef also weaves her culinary spells to render traditionally lavish dishes a bit more approachable with rustic touches. Her deconstructed salmon tartare, for example, is offered with thick slices of crusty bread, and Italian osetra caviar comes paired with dill potato chips.
Perhaps the most magical thing about La Strega’s brunch is the fact that, two weeks in, tables were available for walk-ins in the usually packed house. Expect those open seats to disappear quickly as word spreads.