Distinctive Lobster Tale

Photo by Benjamin Hager
Pho De Vie with lobster pho, a shot of Hennessy X.O. and a glass of Dom Perignon at District One

Storied lobster pho enhanced with touch of cognac, glass of Dom

The signature lobster pho has always seemed a touch more elegant than the surroundings at District One. The beautiful bowl of noodles and spices, adorned with a cooked and reconstructed lobster, would fit in just as well at a gourmet restaurant on the Strip as it does in this after-work chefs’ hangout nestled among the karaoke parlors of a Chinatown strip mall.
So there was no real need to make it more luxurious than it already was. But that didn’t stop District One partner Crystina Nguyen and chef/partner Khai Vu from doing just that.
Few things go as well with lobster or other bisques as brandy or cognac. In some New Orleans restaurants, tradition dictates ordering a shot on the side to finish a bowl. That connection wasn’t lost on Nguyen and her friends after a few nights enjoying her restaurant’s Vietnamese dish with a favorite beverage.
“We all hang out. We all have lobster pho. We all drink Hennessy,” she explains. “The whole concept of lobster bisque with cognac came
up.” So they decided to pair the lobster pho with Hennessy.
After mulling it over with the cognac’s parent company, Moet Hennessy, they added another luxurious touch: a glass of Dom Perignon.
“We call it Pho de Vie: the pho of life,” says Nguyen. “You get the whole lobster pho, and you pour over it half an ounce of Hennessey XO. And it’s paired with a glass of vintage Dom.”
$125. districtonelv.com