Las Vegas doesn’t have to deal with the frigid weather that’s been plaguing most of the country, but January still means shorter days and chilly evenings — perfect for soup. Here are some handy kitchen helpers for easier, faster soup-making.

You can cut down on the cream in creamy soups by pureeing some of the vegetables with the Black + Decker Infuser 3-in-1 Blending System. The 6-cup machine has a filter insert for making infusions and juices.

Those wonderful stock makings — the meat, vegetables and herbs — can cause a big splashy mess when it’s time to strain it, which is where Regency Soup Socks come in. The fine-mesh bags keep it all together until you’re ready to lift it out as a unit.

Cauliflower’s having a moment, so if you find yourself prepping a lot of it, the Chef’n Stalkchop can make the job easier by removing the stalks and stripping the outer leaves. It works with broccoli, too.

Slow cookers let you easily prepare hearty, deeply flavored soups while you focus on something else, and the Black + Decker Wi-Fi Enabled 6-Quart Slow Cooker enables you to set time and temperature or start or stop cooking from your phone.

Once you’ve created that super soup, serve it in style (and keep it warm) with the BIA Cordon Bleu Soup Tureen with Ladle. The handles make it easy to move the 3 1/2-quart tureen from kitchen to table.


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