Kindred spirits: Friends Guy Fieri, Sammy Hagar blend body and bite in new Santo Mezquila

Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar go way back. They met when Guy was a chef and restaurant owner who won a contest for selling more of Hagar’s Cabo Wabo tequila than anyone in the state of California. Or maybe it was the region. It’s all a little fuzzy, to be honest. But Hagar definitely remembers the meeting.

“(Guy) won a guitar for a restaurant he had, and he got to meet me. Normally at meet-and-greets at shows, you meet somebody, take a picture, shake hands, they tell you their names, you don’t even bother. But I remembered him, and we became friends.”

Today, the UNLV graduate and the former Van Halen frontman are working together on a new spirit they love, a blend of mezcal and tequila known as mezquila, which they’re selling under the brand name Santo.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love tequila in any way, shape or form,” Fieri assured purists when the pair were in town together recently. But, he said, mixing it with its sister Mexican spirit gives it “such a nice finish.”

“It sweetens it up a little bit. I think it gives it more life.”

Santo Mezquila is now being poured at bars throughout Las Vegas. And Hagar says it’s just the first tequila-based product they’re planning.

“The new blanco is going to be the best thing you ever tasted in your life,” he teased. “But that’s a whole ’nother thing.”

“That’s the next new best thing,” Fieri chimed in, laughing. “We have the best thing. And then you’re gonna get the next new best thing.”

Photo by Benjamin Hager
Photo by Benjamin Hager
Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images