LIBATION LIBERATION: 16 Lounge dispensing machines put drink of choice in your hands

Ever wondered whether Opus One — the Napa Valley cabernet that costs $325 a bottle — lives up to the hype, but didn’t feel like taking a chance on a full bottle? Perhaps you’d like to sample a small sip of Johnny Walker Blue without having to explain yourself to a snooty bartender. Or maybe you want to take a crash course in amaro, the Italian herbal liqueur that’s suddenly all the rage.

To sample any of those intoxicating beverages, at your own pace and without any unsolicited advice from the pros who are serving you, head to the new 16 Lounge on the 16th floor of The M Resort.

One half of this rooftop cocktail bar is flanked with card-operated Enomatic wine-dispensing machines, long used to allow customers to serve themselves 1-, 3- or 5-ounce pours of wines that may otherwise only be available by the bottle. 16 uses a few for just that purpose, such as the one that houses the aforementioned Opus One alongside a 2014 Caymus Special Selection and a 2012 Silver Oak.

Others dispense less traditional options, such as Scotch, amari, ports and Madeira.

For those who prefer a more interactive drinking experience, 16 has an expert bar staff to execute its thoughtful cocktail program. For something truly original, try the grapefruit-tinged Pompelmo Spritz, or the color-changing Savory Tonic made with Empress Gin.

Whatever your beverage of choice, it can only be enhanced by the view. From The M’s location far south on Las Vegas Boulevard, the lights of the valley stretch out to the north, with The Strip as their focal point.