Life of pie: In Myhrvold’s world, pizza rises to an art form

Nathan Myhrvold, whose award-winning, molecular-level food photography has been featured in four cookbook volumes and a gallery at The Forum Shops at Caesars, has announced his next project: “Modernist Pizza.”

Myhrvold said his attention was drawn to pizza while working on his most recent effort, the five-volume “Modernist Bread.”

“Although ‘Modernist Bread’ touches on pizza styles like Neapolitan, New York and Sicilian, we felt there was still a lot to learn about one of the planet’s most popular foods,” he said. From a photographic standpoint, Myhrvold said he’s attracted to the diversity of the topic.

As with “Modernist Bread,” “Modernist Pizza” will be co-authored by chef Francisco Migoya, who created the food pieces featured in the “Neapolitan Man” and “The Land of Pizza” images. Inspiration for those reportedly came from the works of Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who used food and floral imagery to create portraits.

While a release date for the book has not been announced, “Neapolitan Man,” “The Land of Pizza” and two other limited-edition pizza prints are available in a variety of sizes at the Modernist Cuisine Gallery, “the first gallery in the world to focus solely on food photography by a single artist.”