Sadelle’s at Bellagio serves up a monumental meal


Sadelle’s Tower (Benjamin Hager/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @BenjaminHphoto

Grabbing a bagel for breakfast can be a hurried, utilitarian endeavor: a quick bite picked up on the run. New York import Sadelle’s, however, treats it as a true luxury experience. The Bellagio’s new breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant, overlooking the resort’s pool, offers plenty of solo bagel options guaranteed to impress even Big Apple expatriates. For the ultimate bagel experience, however, order the signature Sadelle’s Tower — a feast that can feed the entire table.

This culinary adventure begins with half a dozen bagels that arrive fresh from the Bellagio bakery three times a day. Guests can mix and match six varieties. For anyone who subscribes to the myth that you can’t get a good bagel outside of New York, executive chef and partner Jonah Resnick promises you have nothing to fear.
“It takes a little bit of work and trial and error. But once you get used to the dryness and the water and you get everything dialed in, you can make pretty good bagels.”

What transforms “pretty good” (an understatement) into truly outstanding are the accompaniments. They start with plain and scallion cream cheese spreads and add a three-story tower of treats. The top level contains heaping helpings of smoked sable, smoked sturgeon, Scottish smoked salmon and a lighter salmon cured in-house for 36 hours with a blend of salt, white pepper, sugar and dill. Middle and lower levels offer gourmet salmon salad and whitefish salads. Each helping is surrounded by an assortment of freshly sliced tomatoes and cucumbers sprinkled with capers.

“It’s a big wow factor once it hits the table,” says Resnick.