Pause for the claws: Estiatorio Milos serving Gulf of Mexico’s finest during stone crab season

Stone crab season is upon us once again. And Estiatorio Milos is serving up some of the largest claws you’ll find anywhere.

The crabs, which are most commonly found in Florida and are prized for their meaty claws, only are in season from October 15 through May 15. During that seven-month period, you can find them on the menus of several local restaurants. All claws, however, aren’t created equal. And those offered at The Cosmopolitan’s Greek seafood restaurant dwarf most of the competition.

Stone crab claws are generally divided into five sizes: medium, select, large, jumbo and colossal. More petite specimens are more common, and therefore easier on the wallet. But Milos, which is best known for flying in seafood straight from the Mediterranean, also has suppliers in the Gulf of Mexico to source it the largest from every catch and ship them to the Strip several times per week. The chef cooks and cracks those colossal specimens to order, drizzles them with olive oil, and sends them to the table with mustard aioli for dipping and a bit of lemon.

Colossals yield one to two claws per pound (current Milos market price is $111 per pound). There’s no guarantee of finding them every day at the restaurant’s fresh seafood counter, so if you’re coming in specifically for these, call ahead to ensure they’re in stock.