Raising the Steaks: Recently opened NoMad elevates bar food to a new level

NoMad Las Vegas inside Park MGM is open for business. And while its signature NoMad restaurant won’t begin serving guests until the middle of the month, the NoMad Bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So while guests will have to wait a bit longer for chef Daniel Humm’s famous roasted chicken in the main dining room, their go-to bite of decadence right now is unquestionably a 32-ounce dry-aged ribeye for two in the lounge.

Procured from America’s most celebrated butcher, Pat LaFrieda, each cut has been dry-aged for 80 days. That’s two to three times the aging time offered in most local restaurants.

“We’ve been playing around with different ages with (LaFrieda),” says Humm. “When we first went to him, he said: ‘Oh, this is too long.’ And then we all realized the results were really, really great.”

The expensive dry-aging process is preferred by many steak aficionados because it intensifies flavor while tenderizing the meat. But Humm insists his product doesn’t veer into the truly funky flavor profiles.

“It’s definitely aged. (And) you can definitely taste its age. But it’s not a crazy gorgonzola taste or something like that. It’s an everyone steak. When a dish is truly great, it’s kind of great for everyone.” nomadlasvegas.com