Say yes to AYCE

All-you-can-eat casino buffets aren’t known for healthy, heart-friendly fare. But the new, nearly 10,000 square-foot A.Y.C.E. Buffet at the Palms tossed the traditional model aside in favor of a modernized menu of “elevated and eclectic” options, communal tables and colorful décor.

Examples include bountiful vegan and vegetarian (crispy eggplant “bacon,” rainbow chard hash and jackfruit enchiladas) and freshly pressed green juices. Those seeking indulgent fare and classic comfort food needn’t worry, there’s plenty of roasted, stir-fried, bbq’d goodness. Even elotes (Mexican street corn) dusted with Doritos or Flaming Hot Cheetos. If you still have room for dessert, you can make an ice cream taco at the gelato bar. Sweatpants optional.