Strip Sips: Burbank Brewery opens brewpub at Grand Canal Shoppes

Photo by Al Mancini
Photo by Al Mancini

You don’t see breweries on the second floor very often,” notes Trustworthy Brewing Co.’s Chipper Pastron. “Because there’s a huge amount of weight involved.”

The fermenters and tanks Trustworthy uses to brew its five core beers can hold a combined 1,550 gallons of beer when full. Assuring that all of that concentrated weight doesn’t come crashing down onto the ground floor of Palazzo, just one flight below, was just one of the issues Pastron and his team had to overcome before they could open for business in their new Grand Canal Shoppes location. Building the tasting bar, and all of the lines required to feed it, above the casino cashier’s cage, was another. (One can only imagine the “Ocean’s 11”-inspired security concerns that construction triggered.)

But Pastron and his team are not easily dissuaded. After more than a year of discussions and engineering challenges, the Burbank-based brewery opened its satellite brewpub just an elevator ride up from Palazzo’s gaming action. It also includes a barbecue restaurant and game room that seats more than 500 people.

So while Trustworthy wasn’t born in Las Vegas, the local space is undoubtedly its showpiece.

The five core beers of the collection, available year-round, are brewed on site. Two are exclusive to Las Vegas, developed here and only available at the bar. Guests are invited to see how they are made, and can fill up a growler to bring home. “They’re undeniably Vegas-brewed beers,” Pastron says of those five.

They are, from lightest to darkest: Gigil Rice Pilsner (4.7 percent ABV), Wax Wing Blonde Lager (5.0 percent), Trustworthy IPA (6/8 percent), Brass Jar Hoppy Amber (8.0 percent) and What Plane? Oatmeal Stout (5.3 percent). Their flavors include light and crisp with hints of tropical fruits to dark with traces of well-toasted marshmallow, chocolate, and perhaps even a bit of graham cracker in the stout’s nod to s’mores. Should those in-house creations fail to entice you, Trustworthy offers 10 more varieties shipped in from Burbank, alongside various cask, sour and barrel-aged selections.

Luxury is owned by the family of Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson. Las Vegas Sands operates Palazzo.