One of the best way to learn about wine is to travel. The tastes of various regions, grape varietals and chateaus, as well as their peculiar histories and idiosyncrasies, are best understood and internalized when experienced firsthand.

Marcus and Alessandra Fortunato believe this, which is why they’ve spent much of their lives touring the world and its vineyards. Fortunately for those of us whose schedules don’t allow such an itinerary, they love to share what they have learned at a monthly series of Wine Wednesdays at Boteco, their Henderson restaurant and wine bar.

The hosts take those attending on a tour of one of the world’s renowned wine-producing regions, entertaining with tales of the families who made them great and of how their histories are reflected in the bottle.

While the couple sometimes relies on handouts, including maps and illustrations, those are mere backdrops for their stories — visual aids to help transport participants out of Henderson to Napa, Burgundy or some other lush countryside. The primary focus is always on whatever is in the glass, and how it illustrates the hosts’ stories.

A typical wine Wednesday lasts about an hour, and includes two or three glasses of wine, hand-selected by the Fortunatos, and a bite-sized gourmet snack that accompanies each. Most guests stick around afterward to explore the food and wine a bit further.

This month’s presentation, entitled A Taste of Champagne, is set for February 28, followed by a Piedmont presentation on March 14.

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Hager