Put Some Fun in Your Fitness

by haley caldwell

Hitting a workout plateau or an exercise rut makes an hour in the gym feel like a day spent swimming upstream. When sacred gym time that should be spent sweating with a smile as you stockpile endorphins and torch calories becomes something that you learn to just get through, it’s time to switch it up.

Meet Lacy Schorr, Hot Pilates and Barefoot Boot Camp instructor at Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga on West Sahara Avenue and TruFusion at Downtown Summerlin. Schorr has just the workout and energy needed to make that rut a thing of the past; she’s just the person you need to make you want to bounce into the gym, crank up your routine to 11 and get you back on track. She has dedicated her passion for fitness to pumping up all of her students’ fitness journeys.

“It’s something that I always look forward to doing because it’s addicting to share what you know with other people, and then people learn from that,” Schorr explained. “People return to classes because of the energy, but also because they remember that you had an impact on something that they were doing or encouraged them to do the right way.”

Charging her classes with upbeat playlists and contagious energy, Schorr has hit the sweet balance between a no-nonsense workout and a class that makes the sore muscles worthwhile. Both the Pilates and the Barefoot Boot Camp classes are taught in a room heated to approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and they offer the optional incorporation of weights, kettlebells, blocks and bands. Schorr explained that room temperature is just another way to effectively warm up the muscles, accelerate calorie burn and eliminate toxins in the body.

“Unlike some workouts that people can do forever without seeing results, anyone who comes to any of these classes will leave feeling completely worked out and completely drenched in their own sweat.”

Discovering her finesse for fitness early on in life, Schorr earned her Pilates and Boot Camp certifications, among others in her repertoire, to teach and share what she loves.

Pilates, which started off as a rehabilitative exercise during World War II, has evolved into a mainstream workout that can be practiced by anyone, anytime.

“Pilates has morphed into something totally different than where it started,” she said. “I would say that people shouldn’t give up their running, weightlifting, or whatever other hard-core workout they are passionate about, but they should supplement it with Pilates because Pilates actually helps strengthen your spine and your core, which is the foundation to all exercise. Having a strong core actually benefits you throughout your day as far as your mobility and your balance.”

On the same note, Schorr’s Barefoot Boot Camp classes easily could pass for the “hard-core workouts” she mentioned. The hourlong classes comprise dumbell, kettlebell and cardio intervals that make for a serious endurance session in which students sweat, breathe hard and build muscle through it all. Performing the entirety of the class with an elevated heart rate, this full-body cardio workout not only will melt more calories than an hour on the elliptical, but the heart-healthy group activity is far more entertaining, too.

“I’ve been able to watch some of my ‘regulars’ transform their bodies and minds in these classes. They literally bounce into class and smile while they’re working out,” Schorr said. “The success of individual students is contagious and uplifting; if I can help them in some small way on their journey to a fit body, and a healthy mind and spirit, then I feel gratified.”