Sartorially speaking, modern men have few options to express their individuality, personality and passions. That’s especially true when it comes to jewelry. Men’s choices are generally confined to the practical — a watch — and to cultural convention — a wedding ring. Cuff links stand out as the accessory that can truly convey a sense of the man beneath the shirt. These heirloom-quality pieces are designed for distinction, allowing a man to subtly reflect his singular style or sense of humor on his sleeve. Here’s a sampling of cuff links on display at the 2018 Couture jewelry show, which brought together hundreds of the world’s finest jewelers and their designs at Wynn Las Vegas in June.


These gem-encrusted cuff links were inspired by the earliest record of human seduction, involving a snake, an apple and Adam and Eve. But the story behind this pair is no morality tale. “The message I wanted to convey, in a fun way, is that love should have no secrets,” explained David Gotlib, who created the “Oh My Got Cufflinks” line of luxury cuff links last year. Made of 18-karat gold, hand set with 386 white diamonds, 166 black diamonds and 136 rubies.
What kind of man would wear this pair?
“Every man with good taste or an amazing spending partner.”


Ancient meets modern in these unique cuff links designed by Argentinian-born jeweler Jorge Adeler. Minted more than 2,000 years ago, the coin at the center commemorates Alexander the Great, one of the greatest military commanders in history. This pair is one of many Adeler designs that incorporate rare, historically significant coins. Hand-hammered 18-karat gold surrounds the coin.

What kind of man would wear this pair?
“Leaders in their field, especially strategists and military officers, or anyone with an appreciation for history,” Adeler said.


This one-of-a-kind, two-tone pair is part of the Cushion Collection from Steven Kretchmer jewelers. The “soft” cushion shape is a contemporary take on traditional square, hard-edge cuff links. Patented magnetized platinum and 18-karat gold in a half-matte finish, with round diamonds, 0.20ctw.
What kind of man would wear this pair?
“The sophisticated man who appreciates a clean, elegant aesthetic design … someone who admires architecture like Frank Lloyd Wright’s,” said designer Claudia Kretchmer.