The Gift of Garb: Outfitting Golden Knights and others suit him

Tommie Battaglia wears it well. His wardrobe, we mean. And also his success.

“I love being around people, and I love making people look good,” says Battaglia, owner of Gaetano Brand men’s designer suit company. “My Italian grandmother says I have the gift of gab.”

He has the gift of garb, too. The 34-year-old entrepreneur and expert tailor has fashioned an official partnership with the Vegas Golden Knights. Those snappy suits worn by VGK players on red carpets and at gala events typically have been designed by Battaglia, who took time between fittings to talk about his passion for attire:

Luxury: What is the ideal body type to work with?

Tommie Battaglia: The easiest body types are slender, tall guys who don’t heavily work out.

A lot of the Golden Knights, maybe all of them, are muscular guys. Are they difficult to tailor because their legs and their trunks are uncommonly big?

Yeah (they are). Huge thighs. Huge butts. Massive calves. Just, you’re skating all the time and pushing off your legs. But we have worked it out. The pants fit the Golden Knights best of any of my clients (laughs). They sell them out.

What are the hottest men’s brands out there right now?

Tom Ford will always be at the top of men’s suiting fashion. He’s just amazing, that style, and what he goes for with the wide-peak lapels is really incredible. David August is another huge designer for custom suits — he does all of Conor McGregor’s stuff and he’s a pretty big name out there.

What are the latest trends right now?

Europe is always a year or a year and a half ahead of us. What is really popular over there right now is a very loud, checkered, printed jacket and a solid-colored pant with a loafer. A very tapered pant, no socks — a little high-water, so you’re showing off the ankle, showing off the shoes, showing off what you’ve got to rock. No tie, either. It’s very outdated. Very stuffy.

I could live with that.

Time magazine just came out with an article that ties are cutting off the circulation to peoples’ brains (laughs) and Wall Street is doing away with ties.

Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion, was wearing a suit the other night.

Oh, yeah. It was so sick. It was printed with pictures on it. I’m doing a lot of that, on the inside of jackets.

The inside?

Yeah, (for Golden Knights player Erik Haula’s June 29 wedding to Kristen Boege). … Engagement photos, trips they’ve had. That will be the inside lining, in a collage pattern, in black and white. It’s really cool.

I’ve seen guys wear suits with no shirts, just the jacket. Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons has done this. Fury has, too. Is that a thing now?

Not typically done, but it’s thrown out there. We had a fashion show and sent Reavo (Ryan Reaves) out there with just a vest and a jacket, with pants and no shirt. It was a pretty big hit. He has the body for it.

What is your go-to look?

Definitely super-tapered pants, from the hip to the ankle. High-water loafer, no sock, and a very fitted jacket. I like crazy patterns. I’m the owner of the company, so I’m a walking billboard. I should wear the flashiest, craziest suits, and when people say, “That’s a beautiful suit,” I can say, “I designed it!”

“Europe is always a year or a year and a half ahead of us. What is really popular over there right now is a very loud, checkered, printed jacket and a solid-colored pant with a loafer. 
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