The Alchemist’s Garden by Gucci brings back a hint of the past

Like a tiny tendril unfurling and flourishing in spring, the verdant magic of botanical scents to evoke memory and emotion inspired Gucci’s newest fragrances.

The Luxury Collection: The Alchemist’s Garden includes seven eaux de parfum, four oils, three scented waters (acque profumate) and a candle. The vintage apothecary appeal of the lacquered glass bottles belies the modern botanical blends within.

Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas formulated each scent to magnify a single note: oud, amber, violet, iris, mimosa, rose and woods. This allows the wearer to layer several of the fragrances, oils or waters to create an olfactory experience all her own, “as an alchemist would work to find the gold formula,” he said.
Even the names of the scents are decadently romantic — A Forgotten Rose, The Virgin Violet, A Nocturnal Whisper, Ode on Melancholy, Tears of Iris and The Eyes of the Tiger among them. $240-$475, The Shops at Crystals